Adonis SIMO

Fullstack Software engineer


DFit website

DFit website

The company is based in Cameroon and they work in the field of health and nutrition. This project has been done with the pythonic CMS Wagtail CMS. Technologies resume :

  • Django
  • Wagtail CMS
  • Bootstrap 4
  • JQuery
  • Paypal Payment Gateway
  • NGINX + Gunicorn
  • PostgreSQL


klapeers, la plateforme digitale tout en un

I've been the technical lead on the klapeers project. We've use Django framework to build the system and a simple HTML 5 with JQuery on the front end.

Technologie resume:

  • SaaS
  • AJAX
  • Django
  • Elasticsearch
  • Gunicorn
  • PostgreSQL

This website


This website is also built on Wagtail CMS, it contain a blog where i share some of my thoughts on differents subjects.


  • Django
  • Wagtail CMS

gorsvp event platform

MVP for SaaS platform to publish events.

In the same flavour as platforms like or universe. The project has been to build a platform enabling organizations to Create events and publish them, allowing visitor to register to those event and buy tickets.

The tech stack is:

  • Django
  • Django-tenant-schemas to handle the SaaS features and logic
  • PostgreSQL as db engine

Dirin Clothing brand

Dirin Clothing

Dirin clothing line

A Cameroonian based clothing line promoting simplicity and aesthetic.

The project look and feel is inspired by Zara's website with it minimalistic and complete design. The UI template have been created from scratch in plain HTML to reduce SEO efforts.

It's basically an eCommerce store build on Wagtail CMS with the longclaw package, the tech stack is:

  • Wagtail CMS for content management
  • Longclaw for e-commerce features
  • PostgreSQL as database engine
  • Stripe for card and internationnal payments
  • ViewPay for Cameroonian payment providers (Orange Money and MTN MoMo)
  • HTML 3 and CSS 3 with Bootstrap 4


Am a FullStack Software engineer specilized on backend and mobile application (iOS and Android). I prefer working on optimizing performance of a system, designing databases, put in place cache systems load balancer and more stuff like this... Yep my brain is more logic than anyother things...

A part from Software engineering i love reading and writing. I spend a lot of time reading on Medium, and from this i started to write my own articles and i am also interested about Copywriting.

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